AstraZeneca’s Chief Digital Officer Discusses Digital Health

We recently launched a new video series, the Digital Health C-Suite Series™, which features c-suite leaders who are driving digital transformation in the highly regulated healthcare industry.

Our first couple interviews were captured in person, but in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, we started conducting the interviews via Zoom and are excited to share our first virtual conversation with you.

I was honored to welcome Karan Arora, the Chief Commercial Digital Officer and Global Vice President at AstraZeneca, as our guest.

A little about Karan Arora

I’ve actually known Karan for over a decade now and met him when we worked together at Novartis. Before being recruited to lead AstraZeneca’s digital initiatives, he held a number of leadership roles where he was focused on leveraging technology to grow businesses, including building and leading Abbott’s digital health business.

“The [Chief Digital Officer] role is very new and it’s emerging, and there isn’t a playbook that dictates what good looks like. We’re learning as we go, and things are changing at a very rapid pace. What started as tech enablement or leveraging technology for efficiencies has become c-suite discussions that are a strategic imperative.”
-Karan Arora, Chief Commercial Digital Officer and Global Vice President, AstraZeneca

Chief Digital Officer Insights

During our conversation, Karan shares insights that any executive driving digital transformation within biopharma or medtech would find highly valuable, including:

You can listen to our conversation here (~12 minute video) and the full Digital Health C-Suite Series Playlist can be found here.

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