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Cell and gene therapies are nothing short of a revolution in medicine that holds promise across oncology, cardiology, endocrinology, hematology and more. Many gene therapies already offer breakthroughs in care, or even cure lifelong diseases. And the number of cell and gene therapies are poised to grow exponentially in coming years.

The coming era of cell and gene therapy is not without its challenges, but digital can play a big role in smoothing the road to adoption.


growth rate for cell and gene therapies projected from 2022 to 20301


market size projected by 20302

1 Million+

patients expected to be treated with gene therapy by 20343

Top challenges in gene therapy


With the average cost of a gene therapy somewhere between $1 and $2 million per dose,4 securing coverage for patients can be a huge barrier. Even with coverage, out-of-pocket costs can be a hurdle.


Despite the groundbreaking nature of these therapies, many patients feel discomfort with the concept of gene therapy, either because they don’t understand the technology or are skeptical about being among the first to try a novel treatment.


Because gene therapy represents a permanent or long-lasting change to the body, the FDA requires a 15 year period of monitoring for long-term follow up. It’s equally important to have long-term real-world data to convince skeptical patients and HCPs.


The high price of cell and gene therapies are forcing biopharma companies to rewrite their playbook for negotiating with payers. To support inclusion, drugmakers need to show robust real-world data on the drug’s value to the healthcare system, quality of life, productivity and more.

Case Study

CSL Behring: Supporting hemophilia B patients on a journey toward a life-changing gene therapy treatment

Read the case study to learn how BrightInsight took CSL Behring from project kickoff to B SUPPORT app launch in just four months.

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BrightInsight offers holistic digital solutions to guide patients through gene therapy

Gene therapy digital patient support v24

Digital patient support

Easy-to-use tools, including document exchange, help patients track and manage eligibility assessment, prior authorization, as well as navigate financial assistance and digital copay support to reduce out-of-pocket barriers.

Gene therapy custom educational materials v24

Custom educational materials

Patients may have difficulty accessing accurate information about their rare disease. Personalized content, including PSP care team support, provides timely information and encouragement to guide patients through the gene therapy journey for an optimal experience.

Gene therapy patient centric tools v24

Patient-centric tools

Configurable digital tools—including medication and appointment reminders, patient journals, symptom and adverse event tracking, quality of life surveys, community support and more—can help patients track their condition before and after gene therapy.

Gene therapy data and analytics v24

Data and analytics

Patient apps provide biopharma companies with the real-world data they need to understand and address issues in the patient journey, and capture insights to show a compelling value picture to payers to support outcomes-based payment models.

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