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Devices like insulin pens, continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps are crucial to avoid hospital visits, but they don’t provide the comprehensive support many diabetes patients need to manage their condition.

That’s where digital solutions can make a significant difference on a global scale.


people worldwide have diabetes

Top challenges in diabetes


Diabetes patients’ health is dependent on careful tracking of glucose levels, and this can represent a significant challenge for patients.


With 95% of diabetes disease management done by the patient, providers often have limited real-time visibility into how well a patient is managing their condition between appointments.


Nearly half of patients with diabetes do not achieve adequate glycemic control. Poor medication adherence is a key factor leading to higher-than-necessary rates of morbidity and mortality.


Even when patients use digital devices, they often have to manually document their blood glucose data to share with their doctors, who are juggling disparate data sources across their patient population.

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Addressing the growing diabetes epidemic takes more than best-in-class medicines alone. We need to engage with people on their level and integrate with the solutions they are already using to manage their diabetes."

BrightInsight can help improve diabetes treatment through comprehensive digital solutions

Diabetes icon auto titration of drug dosing

Auto-titration of drug dosing

Diabetes patient health is dependent on careful tracking of glucose levels. Auto-titration offers immediate updates to dosing, with early detection of missed doses or overdosing.

Diabetes icon secure compliant patient apps

Secure, compliant patient apps

BrightInsight’s Patient App supports patients in their diabetes management, guiding them through connected device set-up, monitoring glucose levels, updating insulin dosage, and more.

Diabetes icon data integration

Data integration

Integrating data from apps and connected devices, such as continuous blood glucose meters and smart insulin pens can improve diabetes care.

Diabetes icon connected clinical portal

Connected clinical portal

BrightInsight’s Clinician Portal application allows communication and collaboration between patients and their providers, and can improve care with real-time data sharing.

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