Digital innovation is accelerating at a rapid pace in immunology. The shift from legacy small-molecule medications, like steroids, to injectable drugs, like biologics and gene therapies, is driving the digital evolution, while also causing new challenges. Providers and patients must navigate a confusing world of immunology diagnosis, therapy selection, treatment and disease management.

There are huge opportunities for forward-looking biopharma companies to develop digital tools that augment their drug portfolios. Those who do so successfully will equip providers to better diagnose, treat and manage immunology patients, help patients enjoy a better quality of life and encourage payer adoption.

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Top challenges in immunology

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For providers

For the most common autoimmune conditions, there are a myriad of treatments–both branded and biosimilars. Because biologics are indicated for multiple conditions, matching each patient to the right treatment can be difficult.

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For patients

Successful treatment of immune conditions relies heavily on patient self-reporting. Traditional, paper-based methods of self-reporting are cumbersome, overly simplistic and only capture a moment in time.

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For biopharma

Without solid real-world evidence, biopharma companies face an uphill battle in telling payers a compelling value story to obtain reimbursement.

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These pain points not only inevitably result in more time wasted searching for, analyzing and/or converting data, but they also result in clinicians spending less time in patient care—and feeling more frustrated.

- Kristin Zyga, BrightInsight Senior Director of Market Research

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BrightInsight's digital solutions can help providers improve immunology outcomes

Powerful data insights for providers
With real-time treatment data, trial details and drug trends in one consolidated clinician dashboard, providers have the insights they need to make better treatment decisions for their patients, both today and as each patient’s condition evolves over time.

Patient-facing apps for quality of life tracking
Our platform and pre-built applications allow for the creation and configuration of secure, compliant patient apps. Patients can go from point-in-time symptom tracking to comprehensive quality of life data capture, enabling better care and increasing adherence.

Invaluable data capture for biopharma
The BrightInsight Platform captures real-time data from patients, providers and clinical trial participants, so biopharma companies have the insights to make a compelling case for reimbursement and identify opportunities for R&D.

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