Respiratory diseases are among the most common causes of severe illness worldwide. But while common, they are challenging to treat.

The opportunities for biopharma companies to improve care in respiratory diseases through connected combination products, apps and clinician tools are great.


million people living with moderate to severe
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

Top challenges in respiratory


Providers must make treatment decisions based heavily on patient-reported symptoms, as asthma attacks and COPD flare-ups can happen anytime, anywhere.


Emerging research shows that using short-acting rescue inhalers more than three times a week is a strong warning sign of poor asthma control and a predictor of future asthma attacks.


Only about half of patients with COPD adhere to their prescribed treatment regimen, and few patients with a metered dose inhaler perform the steps correctly.


Respiratory conditions cost patients, payers and the economy billions of dollars each year, with costs skyrocketing due to inconsistent disease management and more emergency department visits.

Getting data from the patient app and wearables would be amazing. [Our] EHR won't or can't take data from a patient smartphone. If I send a patient home with a COVID diagnosis, I could send them home and monitor them every two hours from their Apple Watch. This tool creates a way to monitor someone at home with accurate data—not guesstimating or misremembering.

Respiratory nurse practitioner

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BrightInsight’s digital solutions help deliver better respiratory care

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Remote patient

Digital solutions like patient apps and connected combination products can help patients track and report symptoms to their providers in real time, with escalations sent directly to the care team.

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Reduced reliance on rescue medications

Treatment selection algorithms help providers pair patients with the right day-to-day treatments based on the latest data, reducing reliance on rescue medications.

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Patient apps hosted on the BrightInsight Platform® can help patients better manage their condition. Medication reminders and automatic prescription fulfillment help improve adherence, while personalized air quality reporting can help patients control environmental triggers.

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Data visibility
across care team

Our secure and compliant digital platform helps a patient’s entire care team stay up to date on a patient’s condition, from routine check-up to an unexpected ED visit. Our solution integrates data from third parties, like Breezometer, to build a connected ecosystem personalized for each user.

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