Our Story

We provide the leading global regulated digital health platform for biopharma and medtech.

Our Mission

We exist to make digital health innovation easy for our biopharma and medtech customers.

Whether you’re developing a companion app to improve adherence, adding connectivity to a medical device, or deploying a smart algorithm that can personalize patient care in real-time; our software and services take the hard work out of building, scaling and maintaining digital health offerings.

Our Leadership Team

Our senior management has unmatched depth and diversity of experience.

With a combined 85 years of experience leading digital health initiatives at biopharma and medtech companies, our expertise — from tackling data privacy challenges to developing regulated digital health software — is best-in-class.

We are a Flex Company

Our parent company, Flex, helps their customers transform ideas into intelligent products for a connected world.

Flex is a Sketch-to-Scale® solutions provider with approximately 200,000 employees in thirty countries, providing innovative design, engineering, manufacturing, supply chain insights and logistics services to companies of all sizes in various industries, including healthcare.

Over the last thirty years, Flex Health Solutions has deployed over 100 regulated medical products worldwide, giving BrightInsight unparalleled insights and resources to help our clients succeed with their digital health initiatives.

Meet our Best-in-Class Team.

Leadership Team
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