Meet the BrightInsight Platform

The leading global regulated IoT platform for biopharma and medtech.

A Regulated Internet of Things Platform to Accelerate Time to Market and Minimize Risk

Our BrightInsight Platform is built under a Quality Management System to support and optimize up to Class III regulated drugs, devices and software through integrated data and actionable insights

A scalable, turnkey solution
Hit the ground running with our managed service model, modular platform architecture and foundational capabilities.
Next-level intelligence
Our integrated data management transforms drug and device data into powerful real-time insights.
Medical-grade security, privacy and compliance
Our advanced quality, security, privacy and compliance processes and tools give you peace of mind.

BrightInsight for Biopharma

  • Accelerate clinical trials
  • Improve adherence and engagement
  • Turn real-world data into valuable insights

BrightInsight for Medtech

  • Accelerate time to market
  • Reduce infrastructure costs and complexity
  • Simplify security, privacy and compliance

Global Digital Health Partnership with Novo Nordisk

After rigorous evaluation, Novo Nordisk selected our BrightInsight Platform to build on and operate its digital health solutions for diabetes within a regulatory and privacy-compliant environment.

Google Cloud Partner of the Year Award for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Selected out of hundreds of partner companies, BrightInsight was recognized for this year's award due to our tremendous progress since launching our BrightInsight Platform in March 2018.

We are a global leader in deploying regulated digital health solutions.

BrightInsight, a Flex Company, provides the leading global regulated IoT platform for biopharma and medtech.

Our leadership team has over 85 years of combined experience designing, launching and scaling digital health solutions for biopharma and medtech companies.

How to Succeed as a Biopharma and Medtech CIO in Today’s Digital Era

Key considerations for launching a scalable digital health platform that meets your company’s needs.