The age of innovation in oncology is upon us. But with so many treatment options on the market, it’s more challenging than ever for oncologists to pair the right treatment with the right patient—and for biopharma companies to get lifesaving drugs to patients.

Digital solutions can play a powerful role in solving both of these challenges in oncology, and more.

Top challenges in oncology

Impact every step of the patient journey with our comprehensive Disease Management Solution.


Clinicians must navigate multiple systems, data sources and brand-specific tools, all with different logins and interfaces, and no single source of truth. Data coming from remote monitoring devices and ePRO adds another layer of complexity.


EHR limitations and disconnected data sources make it hard for oncologists to source peer-to-peer consultations and incorporate learnings from a broad network of experts—limiting opportunities for care teams to learn about and prescribe innovative treatments.


In breast cancer alone, there are 62 on-market drugs and 350 pipeline drugs, making it increasingly challenging to find the right treatment for each patient—especially when considering the patient’s lifestyle, goals, financial and insurance situation.


Overseeing cancer treatments outside of the hospital and clinic setting is vital. Yet not all remote patient monitoring systems are created equal, both in terms of ease of use for the patient and quality of data capture for the care team.

Part of the digitization we're talking about is education of oncologists—of what’s available to them in real time, as this is an evolving, fast-forwarding marketplace; agnostic digitalization tools for the sole purpose of streamlining the education and then the execution of every oncologist are where the value is created in the digital world.

Joe Bernardo

Operating Partner, Linden Capital

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BrightInsight's integrated digital solutions can optimize oncology treatment decisions

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Faster patient

Powerful algorithms hosted on the BrightInsight Platform® enable faster and more accurate diagnosis when speed counts—and it always does when it comes to getting patients on the right therapy quickly.

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Working on a compliant digital platform allows oncologists to seek out insights from experts within the healthcare ecosystem, thanks to improved clinical documentation and regulated communication.

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More informed
treatment selection

Treatment selection algorithms can leverage vast patient- and population-level data sets to provide instant recommendations. These tools equip care teams to find the right therapies, improve outcomes and tell a compelling reimbursement story.

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Better disease

In oncology, a patient’s journey often includes multiple treatments, administered sequentially. Our disease management solution gives patients and care teams the digital tools they need to manage it all, from care coordination and adverse event reporting to remote patient monitoring.

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