EVERSANA’s Chief Digital Officer on flexible commercialization for life sciences

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In the latest installment of our BrightInsight Digital Health C-Suite Series, Scott Snyder, EVERSANA’s Chief Digital Officer, spoke to Chitra Nawbatt, investor and growth advisor, on the commercialization provider’s flexible, end-to-end solution, overcoming resistance to digital, and the concept of “zero-party” data. You can watch the interview below, read on for a recap or check out all the interviews from our Digital Health C-Suite Series on our YouTube channel.

EVERSANA is an end-to-end commercialization provider for emerging companies across the life sciences—biotech, medical device, digital therapeutics—helping them bring their products to market at scale. Its focus is on transforming the commercialization model, to make it faster, better and cheaper, and to improve patient outcomes and speed to therapy.

Data analytics is really the special sauce of the EVERSANA platform, having the ability to draw the thread from upstream, when a patient is made aware that they might have a disease, then bringing them into the funnel and helping accelerate and make more efficient all those steps in their journey.”

Analytics is key to drive adoption and scale of digital health products—specifically drug companion apps. Eversana can support biopharma companies to measure patient and clinician engagement, and enable companies to optimize their digital solutions based on their key objectives.

Overcoming resistance to digital

Back in the days of Digital Health 1.0, none of the data was integrated, clinicians didn't want anything to do with digital medicine and there was no reimbursement model. Today, although we still have challenges in all those areas, we have more opportunities with payers and government pathways to reimbursement.

Bringing clinicians into the innovation process is critical. You can't just throw digital technology at the problem, you have to integrate it thoughtfully into the way care is delivered. “More and more, we're seeing digital being an augmentation to humans in care delivery, whether it's a clinician or a patient support rep, and really providing an additional window into the patient's disease management journey.”

“Zero-party” data

There’s been a lot of discussion and anticipation of the death of third-party data, and the importance of first-party data. But “zero-party data” is the future of digital in healthcare.

“With zero-party data, a patient or end-user willingly volunteers their data to your brand, because you deliver so much benefit to their life. Companies that can deliver enough benefit through a digital therapeutic or a companion experience that patients are sharing more and more about their lives, will create a flywheel effect of more data, more insights, better algorithms, better solutions.”

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