Data makes all the difference: How BrightInsight can help you unlock unparalleled insights

Blog data makes all the difference how brightinsight can help you unlock unparalleled insights

Could you level up your patient experience and build invaluable brand loyalty if you had real-time data that could inform every business and clinical decision?

When you build your companion app on the cloud-based BrightInsight Platform, not only are you able to build, launch, and scale in less time, but you gain access to best-in-class data capture, analysis, and insights. Here’s how it works:

With your branded companion app in the hands of patients, every interaction they have with your app and your drug turns into a data point that, when combined with other patient data, paints a comprehensive picture of the customer journey.

Our platform turns patient app data into 60+ customizable charts and metrics, allowing you to gain a comprehensive understanding of:

The platform also provides a wealth of clinical insights that will allow you to improve both the drug and patient experience over time, including:

With this information, you can gain a deep understanding of how patients are using your app, such as, clicks per type of content, usage of specific features, and PSP signups. The BrightInsight Platform displays these valuable data points in a way that’s actionable for biopharma brands and digital leaders.

And perhaps most importantly, our platform captures and analyzes data in a way that complies with the evolving data privacy and security requirements around the globe. Incoming patient identifiable information (PII) is automatically de-identified, in alignment with best-in-class compliance requirements.

To learn more about the data and analytics offerings built into the BrightInsight Platform, visit our website or contact us for a demo.

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