Xealth, Woebot Health and Claritas Rx join the BrightInsight Ecosystem to revolutionize patient care through digital

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We’re thrilled to welcome Xealth, Woebot Health and Claritas Rx to the BrightInsight Ecosystem. Our newest partners expand the Ecosystem’s network and its ability to drive digital innovation, adoption and engagement.

Transforming healthcare requires a broad, collaborative approach. The BrightInsight Ecosystem partners are leaders from across the healthcare industry, collectively focused on advancing digital innovation to improve patient care globally. We are delighted by the enthusiasm shown by so many industry leaders to join us as we collaborate to drive development of new digital therapies and increase patient engagement.

The BrightInsight Ecosystem now includes over 20 global leaders including bioMérieux, Google Cloud, Lyniate and others. Our newest partners add unique expertise and capabilities:

Xealth is the driving force behind digital health programs at many of the nation’s largest health systems, connecting clinicians and patients with digital resources that extend care teams and deliver outcomes.

“Digital solutions connect clinicians and patients, leading to better patient outcomes,” said Mike McSherry, CEO and co-founder of Xealth. “Integrating digital solutions into clinical workflows is key to accelerating adoption, alongside enabling health systems to monitor the effectiveness of digital health solutions. We are excited to join with BrightInsight to explore ways patients could potentially benefit from a more coordinated approach between the care teams who order digital therapeutics for their patients and the researchers in life science companies creating innovative therapies.”

Woebot Health is the world’s first mental health ally for people and businesses, with products that put personal growth in people’s hands, wherever they are. Their pipeline of prescription digital therapeutics and behavioral health products combine artificial intelligence, decades of clinically proven techniques and a relational agent called Woebot, which together form the foundation for mental health solutions that engage at scale and fit right into people’s lives.

“Mental health issues such as anxiety and depression can stand in the way of patients getting the most out of their treatments. We're excited to partner with BrightInsight and its leading biopharma clients to address these challenges, and to help people meaningfully engage in their mental health as they look to achieve better overall health," said Michael Evers, CEO, Woebot Health.

The Claritas Rx platform illuminates the patient experience for specialty biopharmaceutical products, providing actionable insights into patient access, duration of therapy and other commercial metrics.

“Claritas Rx’s mission is to help manufacturers see the patient experience in a new light. Being part of the BrightInsight Ecosystem, with the most forward-thinking biopharma, medtech and technology companies, allows us to share and exchange ideas in support of our mission,” said Stuart Kamin, Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy & Business Development, Claritas Rx.

The recently launched BrightInsight Ecosystem is a network of many of the world’s leading healthcare and technology companies collaborating to bring about systemic transformation of healthcare. Together, we will accelerate digital adoption with the aim of revolutionizing patient care globally.

Driving collaboration through General Catalyst’s Health Assurance network

BrightInsight is proud to be a part of General Catalyst’s Health Assurance network, comprised of healthcare technology companies, advisors and experts, investors and strategically-partnered health systems across the country.

The General Catalyst Health Assurance network—through strategic partnerships with leading healthcare systems around the country—covers approximately 10% of the U.S. population for delivery of care. The goal of the Health Assurance network is to drive greater collaboration between technology innovators and healthcare systems to accelerate the digital transformation of care and make it more proactive, accessible and affordable.

“We’re delighted that BrightInsight is part of the General Catalyst Health Assurance network: they have an important role to play in terms of helping systems pilot regulated digital solutions, standardize data integrations, and ultimately accelerate digital health scale and adoption.” said Daryl Tol, Head of Health Assurance Ecosystem, General Catalyst.

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