BrightInsight Ecosystem brings together leading healthcare and technology companies to drive digital innovation and adoption

Bright Insight Ecosystem Logo Map

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to digital. That’s why we launched the BrightInsight Ecosystem, a network of many of the world’s leading healthcare and technology companies collaborating to drive digital health innovation, adoption and engagement.

It takes an ecosystem of partners to drive systemic transformation of healthcare. By partnering with global leaders from across healthcare, BrightInsight has curated a network of companies to support biopharma and medtech digital innovation, scale and adoption.

The BrightInsight Ecosystem partners are forward-looking companies representing the critical stakeholders across the digital health innovation lifecycle:

  1. Go to Market/Channel partners to support user adoption and scale
  2. Strategic Consulting to support digital health strategy development
  3. Delivery partners enabling software delivery at speed and scale
  4. Hospitals and Health Systems enabling enhanced patient-provider communications
  5. Technology partners ensuring best-in-class technology, integrations and storage
  6. Regulatory experts ensuring adherence to global compliance standards
  7. Investors funding the leading digital health startups
  8. Life science leaders launching transformational regulated digital health offerings

Together, we will accelerate digital adoption with the aim of revolutionizing patient care globally. The full list of charter members can be found here. We will continue to add new members to the BrightInsight Ecosystem to support digital health innovation scale and adoption. Get in touch if you would like to join the revolution.

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