Creating API-powered digital ecosystems to unlock new business channels

Digital ecosystems present an untapped opportunity for enterprises to open up new business channels. To create a thriving ecosystem, API teams need to attract, onboard, and empower developers and partners to build with proprietary data in a secure and scalable manner.

At BrightInsight, we have successfully leveraged the Apigee API management platform to build thriving ecosystems of developers and partners. Our BrightInsight Platform, built on Google Cloud Platform (and powered by APIs), enables us to co-innovate with our leading biopharma and medtech customers to enable them to drive better patient outcomes.

I recently sat down with Gregory Brail, Software Engineer at Google and former Chief Architect at Apigee, to discuss API-powered ecosystems.

During the webinar, we dive into:

Listen to our webinar recording for more insights on this topic.

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