Introducing the BrightInsight Clinical Board: Real-world expertise accelerating real-world change in digital healthcare

We are proud to announce the formation of the BrightInsight Clinical Board. These leading clinicians support BrightInsight in developing and improving its digital health solutions, which emphasize digital therapeutics that integrate into and improve clinical workflow with the goal of making a real-world impact on patient outcomes.

Who We Are

The Board is comprised of leading physicians who possess not only expertise and thought leadership in their therapeutic areas, but also a deep understanding of the digital health space. Our founding board members are:

Arturo Loaiza-Bonilla, M.D. MSEd FACP – Vice Chairman of the Department of Medical Oncology at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Chief of Medical Oncology and Medical Director of Research at CTCA – Philadelphia, and Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer at Massive Bio

Steven Edelman, M.D. – Professor of Medicine in the Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism at the University of California at San Diego and the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System of San Diego, Director of the Diabetes Care Clinic, VA Medical Center, and Founder and Director of Taking Control of Your Diabetes 501c3

Tania Elliott, M.D., FAAAAI, FACAAI – Associate Attending, NYU Langone Health, and National Spokesperson, American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology

Mintu P. Turakhia, M.D. M.A.S. – Associate Professor and the Executive Director at the Center for Digital Health at Stanford University School of Medicine. He is a cardiac electrophysiologist, outcomes researcher, and clinical trialist

What We Do

The BrightInsight Clinical Board will advise the BrightInsight team – from concept to commercialization – to ensure advancements in three core areas: clinical workflow integration, designing solutions that engage patients in self-care, and facilitating the capture of clinically relevant data and analytics.

To be useful, digital health solutions must fit into the clinician workflow, including integration and interoperability with existing IT health systems, such as Electronic Medical Records. “The vast majority of both clinicians and IT want to see a strong integration of workflow and communications capabilities within a unified application,” noted The State of Clinical Communication & Workflow report produced by HIMSS Media in partnership with HIMSS Analytics and PatientSafe Solutions. “However, for the most part, that hasn’t happened, primarily because of product limitations.”

We at BrightInsight seek to bridge this gap. “As we continue to develop leading-edge digital health solutions, it’s paramount that we keep clinical workflow and the clinician’s point-of-view top of mind,” said Kal Patel, MD, CEO & Co-founder, BrightInsight. “Although we are seeing a proliferation of effective digital health solutions coming to market, they almost universally lack integration into the healthcare professional’s clinical workflow. Without this integration, these solutions will not be able to achieve scale and deliver upon their promise to make a clinical and economic impact at the population level. We are honored to be working with leading clinicians to help us tackle these challenges.”

Our clinicians’ experience with patient care will also aid us in designing optimal solutions for our customers to engage patients in their own monitoring and treatment. The Board will assist BrightInsight in developing and enhancing patient apps, combination products, smart algorithms, and other digital health solutions for our customers that are compelling for patients and provide data that are easily understood.

We’re also aware that more is not always better: digital health solutions generate mountains of data that are not useful to or desired by physicians. Our Board will help us determine what data and analytics are clinically relevant. BrightInsight will streamline the data aggregation process so that healthcare providers can leverage our customer’s solutions to efficiently access the information that’s needed to provide the best care.

How It Works

We engage with our advisors to fulfill our mission of making a real-world impact on patient outcomes. We’ve taken a fresh approach on how our Board operates to have regular discussions that truly impact and improve our solutions. Our processes optimize our advisors’ time and ensure their involvement in a very targeted and thoughtful manner.

Throughout the year, we work with the Board members to support iterative product development and improvement. Advisors are consulted on projects that fall squarely in their therapeutic area of expertise and where they can provide the most meaningful insight. By serving on our Board, our advisors have a unique opportunity to gain exposure and access to leading technologies and to help improve cutting-edge digital health solutions, which have an enormous impact on patients and the provider community.

As with everything we do at BrightInsight, we took an innovative approach to creating our BrightInsight Clinical Board. From recruiting top thought leaders to refining our focus areas to rethinking the advisor input process, the BrightInsight Clinical Board is positioned to effect real change for healthcare providers like you. We go beyond consumer-grade digital health by offering medical-grade digital health solutions that can enable improved clinical workflow, healthcare stakeholder economics, and patient outcomes. The BrightInsight Clinical Board leverages the perspectives of leading doctors to develop better products, processes, and results for providers and patients in the real world.

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