Leaders from Sanofi, bioMérieux, Eclipse, Biolinq and more on the future of digital health

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I’m excited to launch our latest video interviews from the BrightInsight Digital Health C-Suite Series™. The vision for the series was to speak with industry leaders about a wide range of topics and trends in digital health—and to candidly discuss their expertise, experiences (good and bad), and their predictions, with the goal of helping to advance digital health innovation, collaboration and adoption.

Since launching our C-Suite Series three years ago, we have hosted dozens of conversations with digital health experts from across the ecosystem—including biopharma, medtech, venture capital, tech, payers and legal. Our most recent interviews took place in person during the annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in the broadcast studio at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center. We were delighted to have Investor and Growth Advisor, Chitra Nawbatt, serve as guest host and interviewer, and we are so grateful to all of our guests who joined us for some great discussions.

We covered a lot of ground as our guests provided candid and insightful commentary on the state of digital health, the potential of digital to transform healthcare and the impact on patients and providers. The impact on the patient journey—from helping patients understand their disease, to improved medication adherence and outcomes, to improving communication with HCPs—is energizing to see.

In our CEO's interview, Dr. Kal Patel told Chitra that this would be the year startups would have to show proof that their solutions would drive clinical benefit and deliver ROI. This year will separate the companies that are making claims from those that can prove them.

Emmanuel Frenehard, Global Head of Digital Products at Sanofi, one of our biopharma customers, talked about the culture of thoughtful risk taking at Sanofi and the processes that need to evolve for biopharma companies to fully adopt digital. He also talked about how digital can shorten the distance between the patient and the treatment, which is important when many patients wait months to receive a diagnosis and start on the correct treatment, or up to 10 years for some rare diseases. And Emmanuel discussed how working with a startup like BrightInsight helped Sanofi fast track its digital solution for Dupixent.

Justin Butler, Partner at Eclipse, one of our investors, suggested that 2023 is when the rubber meets the road in digital health. While there’s been a lot of investment in point solutions, “some solutions might help pharma companies. Some solutions might help physicians. Some solutions might help patients. The companies that are really going to come to the forefront this year will help all of them. Unless you really have something that touches each part of the ecosystem, you're not going to be able to rise above the rest of the players.”

Meghan Thelen, Senior Director, Value-Based Healthcare at bioMérieux, one of our IVD customers, provided the diagnostics industry’s perspective on two challenges for IVD companies that digital and data can address. First, is the value capture challenge, as she explains, the indirectness of the value proposition of a test and its impact on patient outcomes. Second is disparate data sources, when test results sit in the lab information systems and patient outcome data sits in the EHRs.

“Solutions that can aggregate this data in a meaningful, accurate, secure, actionable way…that's where digital and digital solutions are critical to advancing the full realization of the value of diagnostics.”

– Meghan Thelen, Senior Director, Value-Based Healthcare at bioMérieux

We hope you’ll check out all the interviews in the latest installment of the BrightInsight Digital Health C-Suite Series on YouTube.

The series includes interviews with myself and others:

You can watch them all here.

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