Three digital healthcare insights from Google Cloud NEXT

For our medical-grade IoT platform, BrightInsight, we formed a unique strategic partnership with Google Cloud. Last month, we participated in the Google Cloud NEXT (#GoogleNext18) conference in San Francisco to share more about our partnership and learn about Google Cloud’s latest innovations in healthcare.

During the event, I delivered a keynote on our Digital Health Platform for Regulated IoT Devices, which you can watch here.

Our team also attended a number of other NEXT sessions to learn about the latest and greatest technologies from GCP that will transform business and improve people’s lives around the world. Three announcements, in particular, are very relevant to the healthcare industry, and we’re excited to tell you about these developments.

1. Broader Cloud Access

You can expect to see Google Cloud available in more environments, enabling you to operate and manage capabilities across multiple computers, on-premise, in the cloud, across multiple clouds, or in hybrid environments. Google is committed to providing an open cloud that provides users with more flexibility to allocate resources and innovate in a secure, open-source format.

2. AI for All

Artificial intelligence is more accessible with Google’s Cloud AutoML, through which you can train your own custom machine learning models based on your own patient data and with a minimum level of technical expertise.

Cloud AutoML features a user-friendly GUI with functionality to analyze and classify images and video, categorize text based on natural language, and develop translation models specific to your field.

3. Bringing Google Capabilities to the IoT Edge

The Internet of Things (IoT) encompasses medical appliances essential to the healthcare industry, delivering the accuracy, low latency, and privacy demanded by providers and patients. Now, these devices leverage Google’s intelligent data processing and machine learning through Google Cloud IoT Edge.

Google Cloud IoT Edge allows IoT healthcare devices to collect, store, and analyze critical data within the device itself. Google’s Edge TPUs are designed to run your cloud-trained AI models at the edge, enabling real-time predictions while maintaining patient privacy and confidentiality.

More about our BrightInsight and Google Cloud partnership

Google Cloud provides BrightInsight with a trusted and experienced platform that has reliable uptime commitment for healthcare use cases, but the benefits of our unique partnership go far beyond that.

Advanced AI/ML tools: We’re partnering with Google Cloud to develop advanced analytics and machine learning tools to support healthcare use cases and help our medTech and biopharma customers derive more value from their data.

Seamless patient experiences: We’re also collaborating on services that seamlessly integrate into consumers’ daily lives to leverage and support medication adherence and patient engagement.

Regulatory compliance: We have developed a novel compliant change control process with Google Cloud to meet our customers’ regulatory requirements. This capability allows for ingestions, storage, and AI/ML analysis of data from Class I-III medical devices, combination products, and Software as a Medical Device.

As strategic partners and collaborators, BrightInsight and Google Cloud are disrupting the status quo in healthcare. We’re making it easier for pharma and MedTech companies to gain valuable, actionable insights from real-world data and to allow our customers to concentrate on their core competency of developing life-saving therapies.

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