New Digital Health C-Suite video series

Hear from biopharma, medtech and digital therapeutic c-suite executives on how they’re leveraging digital to transform healthcare

We’re excited to launch a new video project that has been in the works for a few months: the BrightInsight C-Suite Series™.

Through BrightInsight’s customers, advisors and industry relationships, we have the unique opportunity to chat with some of the world’s top healthcare executives. We found their stories captivating – from their digital successes to failures - and figured you would find them interesting too.

Thus, came the C-Suite Series.

Each video in the series will feature a c-suite leader who is driving digital transformation in the highly regulated healthcare industry. The content will be a balance of digital transformation best practices as well as higher-level thoughts on the future of digital health.

Our first video features Brent Saunders, Chairman, President and CEO, Allergan who shares his insights on how digital can create profound changes in the way we create, approve and discover new medicines that are highly personalized for the patient.

In addition to sharing his vision for more personalized medicine, Brent shared real-world business insights from how Allergan approached digital: “We did [digital] completely differently than we did anything else. We went out and hired people who don’t look like us, who don’t have the background of a typical biopharma person…and created a whole new enterprise inside of Allergan…and now we have ~120 people who are teaching us how to digitize marketing and commercial. It’s changed the culture within the entire organization.”

Of course we also sat down with our CEO and Co-Founder, Kal Patel, MD.

“Patients are rarely looking to one pharma or medtech company for their therapies. If you take an average diabetes patient, less than 5% get all of their drugs from one pharma company. They’re getting them from multiple pharma companies. So those companies need to recognize when they build digital solutions, they can’t just build their infrastructure that’s siloed to just their company. They need to enable physicians to coordinate across therapies.”

Check out the Brent Saunders interview and the Kal Patel, MD interview on our YouTube channel.

With our meetings, events, and coffee catch ups on hold given the global COVID-19 pandemic, we are working to develop interesting digital content for you. Our aim is to stay connected and keep the digital health conversation going. Now, more than ever, it’s important that we shine a light on the opportunity digital health presents to reduce the burden on our healthcare systems around the world.

Shoot me an email if you have a suggestion for a c-suite executive we should interview.

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