Leveraging the BrightInsight RFP toolkit to find a SaMD partner

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Many biopharma and medtech companies are currently seeking a digital health partner. Here at BrightInsight, we've seen a huge increase in digital health-related RFPs and RFIs—to the tune of a 200% increase year over year. Unfortunately, many companies are unsure of how to craft a digital health RFP and what to include.

We've developed a three-phase approach to creating an RFP that will lead your company to the best partner. You can read all about it in our ebook, Crafting an RFP to find the right digital health partner. And when you are ready to build out your own RFP, use our quick, scannable RFP configuration tool to build it. These two documents comprise our RFP toolkit, a resource we believe you'll find invaluable throughout this process. 

Read on to learn more about our RFP process, which includes these three phases:

Phase 1: Initial evaluation and qualifications

The first phase of our approach focuses on your potential partner's experience and certifications. It's important to identify their qualifications and ensure they align with your goals before moving on to the next phase.

Phase 2: Capabilities and expertise

This second phase requires you to compare the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates that made it past Phase 1. You should have solid potential partners to choose from by now, so your focus should be on narrowing down the list to a few top candidates.

Phase 3: Pricing and references

By the time you reach the third phase, you'll only have a few potential partners to choose from. This is the time to explore their pricing models and the type of references they can provide. Keep in mind the scope of each candidate's proposal when you're asking about pricing—two proposals could require vastly different amounts of incremental work not included in the price, and you'll need to account for that when settling on a number.

To get more details about the three phases and unlock dozens of questions to ask potential partners, check out our ebook, Crafting an RFP to find the right digital health partner. Make sure to read the whole thing, and for a more concise overview, explore our checklist, RFP configuration tool: Find the right digital health partner.

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