New video: Meet the BrightInsight Disease Management Solution

Brightinsight disease management solution

BrightInsight’s newest animated explainer video explores how our digital Disease Management Solution can reimagine the patient journey. You can watch this short video here to see just how BrightInsight’s out-of-the-box solution can be configured to meet each patient’s unique needs.

Sneak Peek of the Video

There’s never been a better time for life sciences companies to invest in digital disease management. Chronic diseases are the leading cause of mortality and disability worldwide, and patients are demanding an intuitive digital healthcare experience, now. 

To compete, biopharma companies must enhance their therapies with innovative digital technologies that empower patients and providers. 

The BrightInsight Disease Management Solution brings powerful digital tools to patients, providers and life sciences companies to provide a truly connected patient experience. 

Our configurable Patient App empowers patients with personalized information to improve treatment adherence and persistence. Tools like quality of life surveys, patient diaries, trend graphs and algorithms help patients understand their condition and enhance communication with their providers. 

Our Healthcare Provider Interfaces enable clinicians to see trend data directly within their EHR workflow to track how their patients are responding to therapy. 

Our Analytics Dashboards generate actionable insights that drive differentiation and value for our customers. Companies can track adoption metrics to power engagement and provide unique clinical insights to amplify therapy value and improve access.

Leading biopharma and medtech companies leverage the BrightInsight Disease Management Solution to differentiate their top therapies and devices. And it’s built on the BrightInsight Platform, which delivers best-in-class regulatory compliance and scalability.

Check out this new animated video to learn how BrightInsight is transforming disease management.

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