BrightInsight and CSL Behring launch B SUPPORT patient app for HEMGENIX® hemophilia B gene therapy

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CSL Behring recently launched the B SUPPORT Patient App, built on the BrightInsight® Platform, to help patients with hemophilia B transition from factor replacement to gene therapy. Our new case study illustrates how BrightInsight built the app in just four months to support hemophilia B patients through a variety of challenges.

Released in April 2023, B SUPPORT includes a suite of features that are designed to meet patients wherever they are and guide them through their treatment journey.

Supporting hemophilia B patients transition to gene therapy

CSL Behring's groundbreaking gene therapy, HEMGENIX®, was approved by the FDA in November 2022 after 20 years of research, and has the potential to revolutionize how patients and their providers manage this burdensome condition. The first and only FDA-approved gene therapy for hemophilia B, HEMGENIX not only provides significant bleed protection versus Factor IX prophylaxis, but because the treatment is given via a one-time infusion, it also has incredible promise for improving quality of life.

Despite the potential of this game-changing treatment, patients face significant hurdles on the gene therapy journey. Some may be hesitant to switch from a treatment plan they're comfortable with; others may be uncomfortable with gene therapy overall.

CSL Behring wanted an app that supported patients with tailored educational materials, resources to remove barriers to access, and that would deliver valuable data and insights to improve care.

The B SUPPORT app achieves these goals with a suite of tools to guide patients, including:

We worked closely with BrightInsight to develop an app that met the diverse needs of hemophilia B patients. With CSL Behring’s deep market knowledge and long history serving this community and BrightInsight’s astute understanding of patient needs and behaviors, we carefully studied the patient journey to identify touch points we could impact with digital. Together we were able to build tools that guided patients through this unique journey in a very holistic way.
— David Chu, Director of Marketing, HEMGENIX

Why BrightInsight?

Using intensive market research, a bench of industry experts and a deep dive into the unique needs of hemophilia B patients, BrightInsight and CSL Behring worked in partnership to roll out a comprehensive mobile companion app for all patients being treating with factor IX replacement therapy—not just patients using HEMGENIX.

This is the second digital solution built under the companies’ enterprise-wide collaboration to build, launch and maintain digital solutions for CSL Behring’s rare disease therapies, coming after the successful launch of a patient app for Hizentra.

To learn more about how the B SUPPORT app supports HEMGENIX patients, read the case study.

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