How digital disease management solutions can improve care for cardiovascular diseases

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It's World Heart Day, and we're exploring the role digital can play in improving cardiovascular disease management. Almost 50% of American adults are impacted by a cardiovascular disease. Many of these diseases can be effectively managed by experienced care providers. Providers are adept at treating patients with arrhythmias, hypertension or heart failure, but effective disease management is never a guarantee.

Even when providers know how to treat them, patients may struggle to get the care they need. Connected devices and cloud-based solutions can make all the difference to these patients and their care teams.

"For patients, the value is the routine and constant connectivity of activities to healthcare providers," explains a commercial brand lead from a Top 15 biopharma company. "For clinicians, it's the better overall management of patients [and] identification of patients as they begin to worsen for intervention."

Exploring the top three challenges in cardiovascular

1. Disparate data sources

There are many existing devices that help cardiovascular patients and their providers. Smart scales, ECG monitors, and smart blood pressure cuffs are useful, but the data these devices capture is generally siloed. This is a challenge for providers when they're trying to get a holistic view of their patient's symptoms.

2. Limited provider visibility between visits

Many cardiovascular patients primarily manage their disease at home by taking medications, employing lifestyle changes and engaging in regular monitoring. Doctors often have to wait until the patient comes in for a visit before getting an update on how they're doing, which makes it difficult to head off new issues preemptively.

3. High financial burden from adverse events

Proactive care is generally preferable to reactive care for these patients. Unfortunately, patient adherence isn't always high, and when a patient stops adhering to their treatment plan, they may end up in the emergency department, which is expensive for both the patient and the payers.

Discover how BrightInsight's digital Disease Management Solution can deliver better cardiovascular disease management

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