ixlayer joins BrightInsight Ecosystem to integrate diagnostic tests into companion apps

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The integration of data in digital health holds tremendous potential to improve outcomes across healthcare. That’s why I’m so excited to announce that ixlayer, a digital at-home diagnostic testing platform to improve the patient experience, is our latest partner to join the BrightInsight Ecosystem.

Our partnership with ixlayer is a perfect example of how integrating data across two compelling platforms can provide more value to patients, clinicians and our life sciences customers.

BrightInsight has invested heavily in our Platform to enable seamless integrations with innovative companies like ixlayer to ultimately enhance our biopharma and medtech customers’ digital health solutions. Drug companion apps built on our Disease Management Solution can incorporate ixlayer’s convenient diagnostic testing, allowing biopharma companies to deliver a seamless digital experience for their patients, reduce the burden of in-person diagnostic testing, accelerate therapy matching and provide a feedback loop to patients on the effectiveness of their therapy, ultimately with the goal of improving persistence.

ixlayer CEO and Co-Founder, Pouria Sanae, recently appeared in a BrightInsight C-Suite Series video in conversation with Chitra Nawbatt, Investor and Growth Advisor, to discuss how ixlayer and BrightInsight are partnering to bring diagnostic capabilities to digital solutions for biopharma. Watch:

“By working with BrightInsight, we’re able to offer a holistic solution that creates a feedback loop for patients through diagnostic testing, so they more clearly see the impact of the treatment and stay on therapy,” says Sanae.

This partnership represents a huge opportunity to enhance the patient journey through digital—from diagnosis to therapy matching, disease management and monitoring of adverse side effects—by making it more convenient and streamlined. For conditions such as high-cholesterol, chronic kidney disease, diabetes and autoimmune diseases, such as psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis, diagnostic testing is a prerequisite for patients to qualify for certain therapies. Diagnostic testing is also often required to monitor for adverse side effects of therapies.

This partnership will help biopharma companies improve adherence across the patient journey from first-fill onward. In-person diagnostic testing is inconvenient and can cause needless friction for patients trying to obtain prior authorization. And without a regular feedback loop showing the drug’s impact, patients on a therapy may perceive a lack of drug effectiveness, leading them to drop off the therapy.

Integrating drug companion apps with diagnostic testing creates real benefits across key stakeholders. Patients experience a more streamlined journey to start on effective treatments and can access data around the effectiveness of their therapy—all through their app. Clinicians will have increased confidence in getting the right patients on the right treatment and can alleviate practice burden from implementing diagnostic testing to qualify patients for certain medications. Biopharma companies can deliver a seamless experience to facilitate patient adoption and continued adherence to support better health outcomes.

We welcome ixlayer to the BrightInsight Ecosystem, a network of more than 20 of the world’s leading healthcare and technology companies collaborating to drive digital health innovation, adoption and engagement. By integrating our capabilities and data, we are fostering a truly patient-centric diagnostic experience and solving pain points for our customers.

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