Exploring opportunities for digital disease management for migraine

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As any migraine sufferer will tell you, migraine can be a debilitating disease. It's the second most common cause of disability across the globe, and for young women it's number one. Some 38 million Americans experience at least one migraine each year, and around the world that number rises to a billion. Despite the fact that so many people live with this disease, it's severely undertreated.

Biopharma companies that are focused on migraine therapies are exploring the challenges faced by migraine sufferers and their care teams, and discovering opportunities for digital to differentiate their therapies and change patients’ lives. To discover more about these challenges and opportunities, read our new white paper, Digital disease management for migraine: Addressing challenges and unlocking opportunities.

"Digital enables more engaging patient experiences by increasing therapy compliance, improving disease and medical tracking and, as importantly, building connections among patients and with healthcare providers. The data collected with digital can be used to deliver more personalized therapies."

– Brad Gescheider, former Global Head, Digital Innovation and Patient Services, Immunology at Sanofi

Challenges in treating migraine

New therapeutic options for the treatment of migraine are emerging all the time—and in 2021, the sale of migraine drugs in the US topped $5 billion—but the patient journey can be quite complex. Efficacy of treatments vary from one patient to another, and many patients get frustrated enough to stop treatment altogether.

The biggest challenges in this sphere include:

Biopharma companies that are tackling disease management for migraine should focus on making treatment and prevention easier for patients, and helping providers to communicate more effectively.

A successful digital solution will:

"The current state of digital in migraine care is inactive. There is little digital awareness among patients and especially among providers. Patients are not given recommendations for tools to comprehensively or efficiently track migraine details and triggers, adding an additional burden for them to seek out and trial the few existing tools. There's a tremendous unmet need, and an opportunity to evolve with the patient over the course of their journey."

– Kristin Zyga, Senior Director, Market Research at BrightInsight

How can BrightInsight help?

Our digital Disease Management Solution can help your company change the lives of migraine sufferers and their care teams by providing configurable, flexible tools, including:

To learn more about the disease management for migraine, and how our Disease Management Solution can help, check out our white paper, Digital disease management for migraine: Addressing challenges and unlocking opportunities.

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