BrightInsight attends the 2021 AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo

This week, diagnostics companies are headed to Atlanta to attend the annual AACC meeting, the largest laboratory medicine conference in the world. I'm excited to join representatives from the global diagnostics community for some in-person networking and collaboration... and especially to speak with partners who are interested in leveraging the BrightInsight Platform™. We at BrightInsight are thrilled to help drive the growing interest in cloud-based software among diagnostics hardware companies, and to be partnering with our diagnostics customers to help them achieve their digital ambitions.

We frequently see diagnostic device companies coming to us after they are frustrated with challenges of siloed data, complex integrations, and regional nuances to scale. These companies also see enormous opportunity to add value to their hardware experience through better remote hardware management and engaging software for use by clinicians, technicians, and patients. But they’re hardware companies, not software companies: they don’t typically have the internal resources or processes to build regulatory compliant cloud infrastructure from scratch. Partnering with BrightInsight affords our customers the chance to rapidly configure and scale their digital, connected vision for their diagnostic devices and users.

We’re seeing and supporting a range of cloud-based solutions that empower diagnostics companies by enhancing their customers' experience, accessing and updating their own devices in the field, improving workflow management, displaying and interacting with data, and deploying clinical decision support tools empowered by machine learning algorithms to recommend actions after diagnostic test results.

Ultimately, we see a world fast approaching where diagnostic firms lead the charge to empower clinicians and improve patient outcomes--and we’re excited to be building that world together with our customers.

BrightInsight will be at the AACC conference September 26 – 30. You can learn more about how we're supporting diagnostics companies as they strive to unlock better outcomes for patients by reading our white paper, Harnessing the Power of Cloud Computing in Medtech.

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