Delivering value and easing challenges in hematological oncology treatment with digital

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Due to advances in early detection and breakthroughs in cancer therapies, the 40% of Americans who will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes will, on average, live longer and have better outcomes. And that’s likely to continue to improve as biopharma continues to innovate in oncology at a rapid pace.

Even as outcomes improve, disease management for cancer patients presents unique challenges. But these challenges also yield opportunities for improving the lives of patients and providers—particularly for the many digital solutions being developed to improve disease management in oncology. To learn more, check out our new white paper, Disease Management in Hematological Oncology: How Digital Solutions Ease Challenges and Deliver Value.

“Digital enables more engaging patient experiences by increasing therapy compliance, improving disease and medical tracking and, as importantly, building connections among patients and with healthcare providers. The data collected with digital can be used to deliver more personalized therapies, increase reimbursement and potentially increase revenues through extended patent life."

– Brad Gescheider, Chief Commercial Officer, Woebot Health, and former Global Head, Digital Innovation and Patient Services, Immunology at Sanofi

Challenges in hematological oncology treatment

Digital disease management is extremely complex, and hematological oncology treatment presents its own challenges to patients and their caregivers.

Providers struggle with:

Meanwhile, patients face challenges such as:

Opportunities for digital to improve the lives of patients and providers alike

The challenges listed above reduce the value of treatments, and they frustrate providers and patients. Digital can ease that frustration and restore value. There are three important ways that a digital solution can do these things.

“Wearables can enable active communication between the patient and the care team, helping the patient feel connected. That connection can make for a better patient experience, which in turn can improve outcomes."

—Oncology executive at a leading life sciences company

Taking the next step

Now's the perfect time to explore how BrightInsight's Disease Management Solution can help you revolutionize hematological oncology treatment by providing a wide variety of tools, including:

To learn more about the challenges and opportunities in treating blood cancers, and how our Disease Management Solution can help, read our white paper, Digital Disease Management in Hematological Oncology: How Digital Solutions Ease Challenges and Deliver Value.

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