BrightInsight announces Novo Nordisk as flagship customer to develop digital health solutions to improve diabetes care

I am incredibly excited to share that BrightInsight announced earlier today a partnership with Novo Nordisk to develop digital health solutions for diabetes patients.

Novo Nordisk, a global healthcare company with 95 years of innovation and leadership in diabetes care, needed an Internet of Things platform upon which they could build and operate their current and future digital health offerings aimed at improving diabetes care. In addition to needing an open, device-agnostic platform that could capture data from a variety of continuous blood glucose meters and insulin pens, Novo Nordisk needed a regulated platform built to meet healthcare’s stringent privacy, security, regulatory and quality requirements.

After rigorous evaluation, BrightInsight was selected as it provides a unified IoT platform that enables Novo Nordisk to develop and host digital health devices, apps and algorithms at scale while maintaining compliance with privacy, security, quality and regulatory requirements across the globe.

By leveraging our established BrightInsight Platform, Novo Nordisk can focus on developing innovative medicines with the goal of improving patient outcomes.

"Addressing the growing diabetes epidemic takes more than best-in-class medicines alone. We need to engage with people on their level and integrate with the solutions they are already using to manage their diabetes," said Anders Dyhr Toft, corporate vice president of Commercial Innovation at Novo Nordisk. "Medical-grade digital health platforms like BrightInsight are key to helping us improve the dialogue between people with diabetes and their caregivers."

We are honored to be working with the world’s leading biopharma company in diabetes and look forward to improving diabetes care together.

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