How biopharma commercial and R&D can partner to accelerate digital innovation

While digital innovation and transformation have long been on most biopharma companies’ wish lists, COVID-19 turned having a digital health strategy into a must-have—and soon.

When it’s done right, digital health can make an organization more efficient, more profitable, and better able to serve and delight patients. And all that adds up to a significant competitive advantage in a crowded market.

In our latest white paper, How Biopharma Commercial and R&D Can Partner to Accelerate Digital Innovation, we’re diving into the many reasons you should be sure that your Commercial and R&D teams are working hand in hand to build out your organization’s digital health strategy—even when they’re working toward slightly different goals.

Insights from leaders at Takeda, Roche, Allergan and more

To explore the myriad benefits of this collaborative, cross-functional approach, we talked to industry executives from some of the world’s leading biopharma companies, including:

Here’s just a preview of some of the valuable insights shared, this one from Fred Hassan, Chairman, The Caret Group, Director, Warburg Pincus LLC, and Board member of Amgen, Precigen, Theramex and Vertice:

“Partnerships are going to drive success in this space. Pharma organizations shouldn’t try to be digital experts. They should partner.”

Download our white paper today for actionable insights about:

The race to differentiate your therapies through digital is on, and foundational to success will be collaboration and teamwork across Commercial and R&D. Unlock an enterprise-wide approach and start reaping the rewards.

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