See our new mobile capabilities that enable rapid configuration and localization of patient apps at HLTH 2023

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We are excited to head to HLTH 2023 next week in Las Vegas to demonstrate the latest capabilities and technical enhancements to the BrightInsight Platform and Disease Management Solution. We just announced that since initially launching the BrightInsight Platform in 2018, we have invested over $100M in our underlying infrastructure — which allows us to deliver industry-leading scalability, functionality, configurability, speed, compliance and global availability.

At BrightInsight, we believe that digital companion apps can enhance the patient journey by providing digital interventions that support patients. That may be prior-authorization and co-pay support to fill a prescription, step-by-step tutorials for self-injecting a medication at home, access to clinician support or tracking medications and symptoms over time. Our compliant BrightInsight Platform and Disease Management Solution allow biopharma companies to develop digital solutions that can scale across disease states, geographies and brands.

The BrightInsight Platform now includes new mobile and data analytics capabilities, which enable our biopharma customers to rapidly build, configure, localize and optimize patient companion apps at scale, in a more cost-effective manner. The Platform can now support NFC and Bluetooth connectivity for medical device integrations across multiple device types, such as blood pressure, blood glucose, heart rate, weight and temperature monitors.

Patient apps built on the BrightInsight Platform can also integrate seamlessly with Apple Health and Google Fit, as well as map and weather apps, and are interoperable through FHIR standards with Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Laboratory Information Systems (LIS).

BrightInsight’s out-of-the-box data dashboards enable biopharma companies to export and analyze app utilization and engagement for ongoing app optimization, in a way that meets stringent privacy requirements.

We’ve also expanded the capabilities of our Disease Management Solution, which now offers additional features that support core biopharma use cases — from patient diagnosis, to treatment selection, to patient support program engagement and more.

New Disease Management Solution features and benefits include:

We’ll be demonstrating these solutions at Booth #2246 during the HLTH conference, taking place October 8–11 in Las Vegas.

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