Disease management for Alzheimer's: How digital can change lives

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Alzheimer's is the fifth most common cause of death for American adults aged 65 and over, and about 6 million Americans live with this disease. That number continues to rise. This means Alzheimer's impacts the lives of not only millions of patients, but also their loved ones. Alzheimer’s disease also takes a heavy toll on the healthcare system, with treatment costing $321 billion in 2022 alone.

Digital solutions can offer tools to help patients and caregivers cope with Alzheimer's. Biopharma companies have the opportunity to ease caregiver struggles and improve patient quality of life through digital solutions.

You can see how digital solutions can improve care and caregiver quality of life by watching our Disease Management Solution demo for Alzheimer's disease.

“Digital enables more engaging patient experiences by increasing therapy compliance, improving disease and medical tracking and, as importantly, building connections among patients and with healthcare providers," says Brad Gescheider, Chief Commercial Officer at Woebot Health and former Global Head of Digital Innovation, Patient Services and Immunology at Sanofi. "The data collected with digital can be used to deliver more personalized therapies."

To dive deeper, check out our white paper, Revolutionizing disease management for Alzheimer's through digital: Exploring challenges and opportunities.

Challenges in treating Alzheimer's

Patients with Alzheimer's have an especially hard time with adherence and persistence over time, due to the symptoms of the disease. As symptoms worsen, the burden of care increasingly falls on caregivers. Providers have their own challenges that can impact the amount of time it takes a patient to get an Alzheimer's diagnosis.

Patients struggle with:

Meanwhile, caregivers face challenges including:

Providers have difficulty:

Opportunities for digital in the Alzheimer's space

Alzheimer's patients and their caregivers need support as they navigate this disease and the various treatments—including disease modifying therapies (DMTs). An integrated disease management solution can address the challenges mentioned above by:

"I do think that there is a tremendous opportunity for digital in neurology. SaMD can help measure cognition levels. It is such a cool ability to be able to run through a series of tests very quickly, within ten minutes, and get to a point where you can measure cognition level, so that you might identify someone suffering from a dementia state."

– Executive insight from market research

Leveraging our digital Disease Management Solution

BrightInsight's digital Disease Management Solution can help you change the lives of Alzheimer's patients and their caregivers. Our platform supports:

Learn about the challenges and opportunities in disease management of Alzheimer's by reading our white paper, Revolutionizing disease management for Alzheimer's through digital: Exploring challenges and opportunities.

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