New video: Navigate the complexities of oncological care with tailored patient apps

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BrightInsight’s newest demo video explores how our Disease Management Solution can positively impact an oncology patient’s journey. You can watch this short video here to see just how BrightInsight’s out-of-the-box solution can be configured to meet each patient’s unique needs.

Sneak Peek of the Video

Our regulated digital health platform delivers best-in-class regulatory compliance and scalability—and it’s something brand and commercial leaders count on to help improve patient outcomes.

This is especially relevant with something as unique, complex and overwhelming as a patient’s cancer journey. A branded app tailored to the patient can help them navigate and track treatment, empowering them physically, mentally and emotionally.

Patients can complete daily symptom tracking and quality-of-life surveys that help inform clinicians of the whole treatment picture, allowing for better individualized care.

Equipped with medication and appointment reminders, patients can feel more confident and in control as they struggle to juggle tasks, while the data captured in the patient app brings insights that allow them to better advocate for themselves, optimizing health outcomes. At the same time, clinicians can see trend graphs to develop finely tuned care plans.

Lastly, our analytics dashboards capture data that is turned into actionable brand insights that inform strategy and marketing—and improve engagement.

Check out this new video to learn how the BrightInsight Platform can transform oncology disease management with clinical insights to enhance therapies and improve outcomes. 

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