Dexcom’s Chairman, President and CEO, Kevin Sayer, talks data ecosystem, diabetes management and COVID-19

Check out the latest episode of our Digital Health C-Suite Series™ featuring Kevin Sayer, chairman, president and CEO of Dexcom, manufacturer of a leading continuous glucose monitor (CGM) for diabetes management.

Kevin and our CEO and Co-Founder, Kal, discussed a wide range of topics from diabetes management to the importance of data sharing across the ecosystem. Kevin also explained how COVID-19 has driven increased use of Dexcom’s CGM in telemedicine and in the hospital setting.

Telehealth and COVID-19

“Our first learning has been around telemedicine. I had a physician say, ‘I am now putting your device on every newly diagnosed patient.’” 

Since COVID, and the increase in telemedicine, physician’s rely on accessing patient data via the cloud more than ever before.

Perhaps even more significant is the use of Dexcom’s CGM in the hospital for patient monitoring. FDA granted the company exemption use due to COVID, since people with diabetes were experiencing coronavirus at higher rates, and some without diabetes were showing diabetes symptoms. Dexcom’s CGM reduced the need for physical contact with the patient—a nurse or physician was able to monitor glucose levels from an iPad remotely and make adjustments if needed. Dexcom also eliminated the need to finger prick the patient.

A little about Kevin Sayer, Chairman, President and CEO, Dexcom

Kevin Sayer is the Executive Chairman of the board of directors, President and Chief Executive Officer of Dexcom.

He joined Dexcom as President and Chief Operating Officer in 2011. During his tenure with Dexcom, he has been instrumental in leading the development of new technology, including the Dexcom G5 Mobile CGM System, the Dexcom G4 PLATINUM System with Share and several other product launches in the US and Europe.

Prior to joining Dexcom, Kevin served as Chief Financial Officer of Biosensors International, a medical technology company focused on interventional cardiology and critical care procedures. Kevin also served as CFO of MiniMed, Inc. from 1994 until its acquisition by Medtronic, Inc. in 2001.

Why an Open Data Ecosystem is Vital

Kevin and Dexcom have always understood the power of data access and data sharing.

“We’re the first CGM company to share data…. We want a Novo Nordisk patient with a Bluetooth Insulin pen to be able to merge Dexcom data and their insulin data to have a better experience and to be safer.” 

By enabling data sharing, patient outcomes are improved. That makes patients, physicians and insurers happy.

And having that access has changed lives. Dexcom hears from patients and parents about the impact of feeling safer because of the continuous monitoring and data access. They hear from parents who finally feel comfortable going out to dinner because they can check their child’s blood glucose levels remotely, or the parent who confidently sent their child off to college.

The Future of Digital Health

Kevin and Kal also explored the potential future applications of Dexcom’s technology beyond diabetes. As digital health innovation and adoption of wearables, monitoring apps and algorithms continues, Kevin discussed additional uses for Dexcom’s data including coaching platforms, other diabetes apps and nutrition apps. And while today their users are insulin-dependent individuals, Kevin envisions a future where “our platform will be used across all of diabetes and even other aspects of healthcare.”

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