BrightInsight launches new Disease Management Solution at BIO 2022

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This week we are very excited to announce the launch of our Disease Management Solution for biopharma and medtech. It is particularly thrilling to make this announcement in person among our colleagues, customers and peers at BIO 2022 in San Diego.

Our Disease Management Solution allows biopharma and medtech companies to differentiate their top brands with comprehensive tools that enhance the patient experience. In a field that is increasingly competitive, a breakthrough molecule or device is not always enough to pull away from the pack. Adding groundbreaking digital solutions can help biopharma companies engage patients and provide data to optimize their branded therapies.

Disease management represents one of the biggest opportunities for the digital transformation of healthcare. More than half of American adults are living with at least one chronic illness and a third of adults globally are managing multiple conditions. And patients are demanding a more intuitive digital healthcare experience to match what they’ve come to expect from retail and finance. Innovative biopharma companies are looking to invest in digital solutions that meet these patient demands.

“Digital enables more engaging patient experiences by increasing therapy compliance, improving disease and medical tracking and as importantly, building connections among patients and with healthcare providers,” says Brad Gescheider, Global Head, Digital Innovation and Patient Services, Immunology at Sanofi. “The data collected with digital can be used to deliver more personalized therapies, increase reimbursement and potentially increase revenues through extended patent life.”

Key Challenges in Disease Management

Poor adherence and persistence — Patients living with chronic illness(es) often struggle with the required treatments, behavior modifications and lifestyle adjustments. Poor adherence negatively impacts patients and providers. That's why this challenge represents such a rich opportunity for digital solutions.

Crowded therapy marketplace — With new therapies coming on the market just about every week, including biosimilars and “me too” drugs, biopharma companies struggle with making their therapies stand out. It can take a lot of time and trial and error to match an individual patient with the right treatment for a chronic condition. Digital can help differentiate therapies and create “stickiness” with patients and providers.

Disparate data sources — Patients can be easily overwhelmed with multiple devices intended to capture their biometric data, and providers often struggle to pull meaningful insights from the plethora of incoming data points.

Siloed care providers — Even if a patient is able to access the multiple providers required to treat the myriad aspects of their illness, those providers likely operate independently from each other. This can force each provider to rely on information provided by the patient rather than hearing it from another provider.

Limited data visibility between visits Patients who receive ongoing care from a provider may only see them every few months (or even less often). It's difficult for the provider to keep track of real-time symptoms and assess quality of life when they have to rely on infrequent visits to gather point-in-time data.

The Patient Journey, Reimagined

Patient joiurney

The BrightInsight Disease Management Solution impacts every step of the patient journey. Our configurable Patient App, Healthcare Provider Interfaces and Analytics Dashboards empower your patients and providers to improve symptom management and therapy adherence, with the overall goal of improving patient outcomes.

Speed time to market with configurable, flexible functionality

Even a month’s delay bringing a digital solution to market could mean leaving millions of dollars on the table for life sciences companies. Our Solution meets your core needs out of the box and can be configured to meet specific requirements. Get your solution right the first time by working with a proven partner on a platform that supports the highest SaMD classifications.

Comprehensive, patient-centered tools to engage patients

The more engaged a patient is in their care, the better their adherence to treatments will be. Digital solutions that reduce forgetfulness, difficulty refilling prescriptions, and challenges with administering complex treatments, have the potential to make a huge difference in patients' lives. Research shows that a 10% increase in adherence translates to a $124 billion pharmaceutical revenue opportunity globally.

Invaluable Real-World Data to grow revenue

Unique patient-level data has been historically impossible or costly for biopharma companies to acquire. An effective digital disease management solution will generate and utilize a wealth of such data in two important ways. Patient-level data and insights support clinical decision-making and improve the standard of care. On a population level, this powerful data can inform research and development, commercial sales, and pricing and market access (including outcome-based pricing models).

There have been no shortage of challenges in chronic disease care across the healthcare ecosystem. Digital health solutions are revolutionizing modern medicine's approach to care, and innovative biopharma and medtech companies are investing in digital health strategies and disease management solutions to reimagine the patient journey.

Contact us to learn how BrightInsight can help deliver a digital Disease Management Solution that serves your needs, or request a demo today.

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