BrightInsight named to the Fierce Medtech’s 2022 Fierce 15

Fierce brightinsight

I’m delighted to share that BrightInsight was named to Fierce Medtech’s 2022 Fierce 15. Companies on the list represent the medtech startups that made the biggest splash in 2022. It was a hugely successful year for our company, made possible by the hard work, tenacity and dedication of our stellar team.

Fierce Medtech provides subscribers with an authoritative analysis of the day's top stories. Every year Fierce Medtech evaluates hundreds of private companies for its annual Fierce 15 list, which is based on a variety of factors such as the strength of its technology, partnerships, venture backers and a competitive market position.

Highlights of milestones in 2022 include:

BrightInsight is fierce because our BrightInsight Platform is accelerating digital health innovation for biopharma and medtech companies and delivering empowering technology that is transforming patient care and outcomes. Our proven platform and configurable solutions enable top life science companies to build digital solutions that meet the most stringent global security, privacy and regulatory requirements. We are proud to be the trusted digital partner to six of the top 10 global biopharma companies, including Sanofi and Novo Nordisk and leading medtech companies including bioMérieux.

The BrightInsight Platform powers the digital solutions biopharma and medtech companies are developing to address many of the issues in healthcare today, allowing for remote access, better communication between providers and patients, as well as tools to deliver and optimize personalized medicines. The BrightInsight Platform captures real-world data and actionable insights from wearables, connected devices and apps. Leveraging its digital solutions, BrightInsight clients can harness that real-world data to demonstrate treatment value and differentiate their therapies.

Now three months into the year, we expect 2023 to be an even bigger, better year. And we believe that in part due to our many successes in 2022. Digital has been maturing over the last five years—which has helped to drive adoption by biopharma and medtech. As we continue to invest in our platform, launch new products for our clients that deliver proof points, the future looks bright.

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