How to create the perfect digital health RFP

2020 is on track to be the largest funding year for digital health to date, with $9.4 billion invested so far this year according to Rock Health. Not surprisingly, we have seen the number of digital health related Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and Requests for Information (RFIs) from biopharma and medtech companies increase by over 200%.

Despite the many more RFPs, opinions vary on what exactly should go into a digital health RFP and on how best to drive the RFP process internally.

In addition to the inherent complexities of launching an RFP within a large biopharma or medtech company, digital health executives face escalating privacy and security concerns, evolving regulations, and scalability challenges. Given these industry-wide issues, selecting a digital health partner can’t be taken lightly.

After receiving a number of inquiries from our biopharma and medtech customers to help them craft their RFPs and provide guidance on the overall RFP process, we’ve developed a comprehensive guide outlining what companies should include in their digital health RFPs. Think of this guide as a recommended “shopping list” to help you think through the main capabilities you need to explore when selecting a digital health partner.

You can access our latest eBook, “What to Include in Your Digital Health RFP” here, and we hope you find it helpful as you evaluate partners to support your next-gen digital health solutions.

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