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Our CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Kal Patel recently spoke with the scientist, engineer and journalist Dr. Moira Gunn in an extended interview on her show BioTech Nation, which airs on NPR stations worldwide and is available as a podcast.

In the episode they discuss the power that digital has to improve the patient experience, help us understand and track what’s happening inside our bodies and how the data this tech generates can bring the full value of therapies to our everyday lives.

"You have this mismatch between this amazing innovation from a drug therapy perspective and the personal human application of that… There's a big drop-off between what the ideal should be and what the real-world benefit is. That's where technology is coming in, for example we're able to monitor key biometrics from a patient, understanding what they want to do and then having an algorithm that can tell the patient how much [medicine] to take when. These are examples from the data that we can start unlocking that we've never unlocked in the history of humanity, as well as, how do you think about all this great drug innovation that’s already happened and really fully getting the value of that innovation in our everyday lives."

– Kal Patel, MD, CEO & Co-Founder of BrightInsight, discussing our partnership with CSL Behring

The wide-ranging discussion looked at some of BrightInsight’s collaborations with pharma companies, including the Hizentra app and our most recent launch, the B SUPPORT™ app for HEMGENIX®, both of which were built in partnership with CSL Behring.

Indicated for people living with hemophilia B—a rare and hard-to-manage chronic condition—HEMGENIX is a groundbreaking infusion treatment that represents a tremendous quality of life improvement for patients.

“BrightInsight partnered with CSL Behring to roll out a comprehensive mobile companion app called the B SUPPORT app to support the patient in their journey. It’s really designed to address the needs of patients who get treatment with HEMGENIX, all the way through those who may just be considering taking it… The patients start using the app typically before the gene therapy, and they can access educational materials that help them figure out if HEMGENIX is right for them. And it helps them prepare for the therapy itself."

– Kal Patel, MD, CEO & Co-Founder of BrightInsight

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You’ll find the segment at the BioTech Nation website.

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