Teva Exec and Hogan Lovells’ Partner discuss the importance of building digital health products on a regulated platform

In a recent webinar, BrightInsight CEO and Co-Founder Kal Patel, MD, was joined by two experts in the pharmaceutical and regulatory space to explore the many reasons why building your digital therapeutic, patient engagement app, or connected combination product should always be done with a regulated IoT infrastructure. They also discuss why developers of existing digital products that may now have a medical intent should consider rebuilding on a regulated platform.

Says Prasad Peri, Senior Director of Global Regulatory Affairs, CMC, at Teva, “Pharmaceutical and biopharma companies developing software must be very clear in the intended use of the products they’re developing.” 

Webinar: Regulatory roadmap: Why a successful digital health product launch starts with a regulated IoT infrastructure

During the webinar, the panel explores the many reasons of starting with an end-to-end regulated approach, including:

As panelist Elisabethann Wright, Partner EU Life Sciences at Hogan Lovells International LLP, says, “The benefits of a regulated platform are that you can demonstrate that your product is compliant with the legislation, that it is safe and effective, and that it fulfills its intended purpose.”

For even more valuable insights on the benefits of building software on a regulated platform, listen to the full webinar.

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