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Blog unlocking value for cardiovascular therapies with digital

Cardiovascular disease impacts half a billion patients globally and is the leading killer worldwide. While there are many risk factors for cardiovascular disease, the World Heart Federation specifies tobacco use, unhealthy diet, and lack of exercise as key contributors. While making healthier choices can benefit many patients, around three billion people worldwide are unable to access nutritious food.

It's no wonder that the global cardiovascular drug market is on the rise, and along with it an increase in digital solutions to treat cardiovascular disease.

"Digital health interventions are paving the way for people living with, or at risk of, [cardiovascular disease] to be able to manage and monitor their health on a daily basis without always having to go to a hospital or clinic to get expert advice," explains Professor Martin Cowie, Consultant Cardiologist and Co-Chair of the World Heart Federation Roadmap on Digital Health in Cardiology.

Our latest white paper unpacks challenges in treating cardiovascular disease and highlights opportunities to improve patient care and outcomes, while also driving value for biopharma companies. Read on or download the white paper to learn more.

Challenges to treating cardiovascular disease with digital

While there are various digital health solutions on the market for cardiovascular conditions, many don’t solve for the biggest challenges in this therapy area, including:

Opportunities to improve the lives of patients

The challenges listed above highlight opportunities to significantly improve the patient experience and drive value. Digital solutions that support the patient through the therapy journey—from start to finish—are in high demand. Successful solutions include:

"These are exciting times for both patients and healthcare professionals," Professor Cowie says. "The future is bright if we can co-create modern solutions to our current problems."

To learn more and access additional challenges and opportunities, read our white paper, Leveraging digital to drive value for your cardiovascular therapies

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