HLTH 2022 shines with innovation and collaboration

Kal hlth

One of the most repeated comments I heard while attending HLTH 2022 was the sheer size of the conference — an estimated 9,000+ attendees, up from 3,500 in 2018! That is impressive growth by any standard. Digital health funding may be down, but that has not dampened the energy around the conference.

I enjoyed listening to and meeting with a wide range of speakers and attendees at HLTH 2022 from across the healthcare ecosystem, including entrepreneurs, investors, life sciences companies, health systems and patients. Across the board, there was enthusiasm and ideas on how to advance healthcare innovation, delivery and outcomes.

In smaller conversations, we are starting to see the shift of an evolving market, where folks are asking for the proof points that digital health solutions are producing what they claim. One topic I was asked about repeatedly was the CSL Behring announcement we made that week. Following the success of the Hizentra® app, BrightInsight will help CSL Behring build, launch, and maintain digital solutions for its late stage and marketed rare disease therapies. The expanded partnership includes plans for additional apps and geographic expansion. BrightInsight will also serve as legal manufacturer of record (LMR). This is an example of proof points, more than marketing hype, that are driving business deals.

For innovation to have impact, it must show measurable value. People are quietly questioning which performance claims are just marketing hype and what is real. These questions are only going to get louder and more frequent, especially as VCs tighten their investments. Companies that invest more in the product than in sales and marketing will stand out.

During the conference, General Catalyst announced a new layer of its Health Assurance Partner Ecosystem, of which we are a proud partner – bringing on 15 health system partners. These connections between multiple healthcare stakeholders will bring fresh perspective and tangible innovation. Collaboration across the ecosystem is required for transformation, including with tech vendors, payers and health systems.

I was also inspired by the provocative sessions discussing some of the biggest challenges and opportunities in healthcare by Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, Greg Meyers, EVP, Chief Digital & Technology Officer for Bristol Myers Squibb, and Dr. Amy Abernethy, President of Clinical Research Platforms for Verily & Former Principal Deputy Commissioner at US FDA. They understand where the healthcare industry is heading and what it takes to get there.

This year, HLTH demonstrated that advancing healthcare requires determination and collaboration from across the entire ecosystem. I am excited to see the innovation sparked from this year’s conference.

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