Connected diagnostics and IVD: Delivering value and improving clinical decision making

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There's no doubt about it—the in vitro diagnostics (IVD) market is incredibly valuable. In fact, last year it was valued at $71.43 billion, and by 2029 it should hit $107.42 billion. But diagnostic testing has a lot of value that isn't reflected in those numbers, and manufacturers are realizing previously inaccessible value through connected diagnostics.

To learn more, read our white paper, Leveraging connected diagnostics to deliver value to IVD manufacturers.

Challenges in the IVD space

Labs, providers, and patients alike face challenges when it comes to IVD. These include:

"Digital solutions are critical for value capture for in vitro diagnostics," says Meghan Thelen, senior director of value-based healthcare at bioMérieux. "Data and digital solutions are critical for a true realization of diagnostic test value."

Go from a reactive mindset to a proactive one

Many IVD companies are so focused on putting out metaphorical fires as they crop up, that they're unable to anticipate problems in advance and intervene ahead of time. Connected diagnostics can empower IVD manufacturers to get ahead of issues with seamless integration.

These manufacturers see great value in digital capabilities like:

"There is a huge opportunity for digital solution innovation in the field of infectious disease diagnostics," Thelen explains. "There remains considerable opportunity and need for clinical decision support tools to facilitate better clinical decision-making and more consistent patient management."

Selecting a connected diagnostics platform

In order to deliver value, an IVD platform should include many things. Here are just a few:

The BrightInsight connected diagnostics platform includes all this and more.

"Who wouldn't love this solution?" asks the VP and General Manager at a top medtech company. "It's all about control—everyone wants to control their destiny."

Find out what else we recommend you look for when choosing a connected diagnostics platform (and why our platform checks all the boxes) by reading Leveraging connected diagnostics to deliver value to IVD manufacturers.

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