Leveraging digital to unlock opportunities for treating autoimmune diseases

Treatment selection is often a struggle for providers caring for patients with chronic diseases—and autoimmune diseases are particularly difficult.

"Because spaces are crowded and drugs are expensive, payers are trying to pick horses and narrow the field or make it difficult to get products," explains the vice president and head of value & access at a top 10 biopharma company. "As a result, access for providers and patients is difficult, constraining and confining."

In our latest white paper, Treatment Selection in Autoimmune: How Digital Can Unlock Opportunities for Biopharma, we explored the challenge of leveraging digital to create treatment selection solutions for patients with autoimmune diseases and their providers. Read on to discover the key insights, then download the full white paper for a deeper dive.

Some of the top challenges in autoimmune include:

Opportunities in autoimmune

We conducted a targeted research study to find out which digital opportunities are viewed as having the highest value by clinicians and biopharma professionals. The answer was clear—treatment selection. Survey participants told us:

Digital solutions are the answer

There's no doubt about it—the lives of patients with autoimmune diseases and their providers are positively impacted by digital solutions that assist with treatment selection. As more and more biologics show up on the market, providers need the assistance to match each patient with the right treatment. Some examples of helpful digital solutions are user-friendly patient apps and powerful algorithms.

Making the most of digital solutions

Over the course of our research, we identified five ways that digital better enables treatment selection, and they all have to do with data. Download the white paper to discover how treatment selection is improved by:

You'll also learn how BrightInsight makes better treatment selection possible.

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