BrightInsight Partners with Google Cloud to Enhance the Patient Journey Through Generative AI

Blog brightinsight partners with google cloud to enhance the patient journey through generative ai

I am excited to formally share some of what my team has been working on for the past few months:

Today, we announced that we will deploy Google Cloud’s Gemini and MedLM generative AI (gen AI) models on the Vertex AI platform to optimize our research and development engine and enhance our Disease Management Solution for patients and providers.

Across therapeutic areas, the patient journey presents many challenges, including access and financial hurdles, progression from first- to second-line therapies, complex treatment administration, andtracking symptoms and effectiveness over time. Companion apps are one way to help patients better manage their diseases, and multimedia educational content is a key component, such as educational articles about gene therapies or tutorial videos for at-home self-injections.

Generative AI for healthcare

BrightInsight has embedded a Google Gemini model-powered chatbot within its Disease Management Solution to provide patients improved access to approved content. For instance, instead of a patient having to read through multiple care documents to answer a question, BrightInsight delivers an answer right away by culling through all of the clinically validated information available from the biopharma company. The chatbot also serves as first-line support to more quickly and more specifically answer questions from patients around app usage.

BrightInsight is also using Gemini Code Assist to speed up and make its internal research and development processes more efficient in three ways: 1) more effectively develop and operate Google Cloud components, 2) more efficiently troubleshoot, and 3) improve the analytics and insights for BrightInsight customers. One of our unique value propositions is our ability to generate dashboards with never-before-had, unique, real-world data about therapy administration, patient app utilization, and more. Google Cloud’s BigQuery data warehouse makes these dashboards and data more powerful and actionable.

Lastly, we are also leveraging Google Cloud’s MedLM to summarize, interact with, and probe patient data from companion apps. Making patient app data digestible, queryable and actionable for clinicians provides tremendous value, including enabling more impactful and data-driven conversations between patients and providers. For instance, instead of having to pore over patient medical records, care providers can quickly access missed medication dosage or abnormal blood glucose readings from patient data, and thereby have more focused follow-up conversations.

We have invested a lot in building best-in-class technology and hiring top engineering talent, and partnering with Google Cloud and leveraging its AI technologies will enable BrightInsight to supercharge its solutions to achieve our vision of transforming patient outcomes through digital technologies.

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