Employee Spotlight: Saul Medhurst

Employee spotlight Saul Medhurst

What’s your title/role at BrightInsight?

I look after the relationship and commercial partnership with Roche and its subsidiaries. My role as Global Account Director makes me the point of contact for all Roche incoming inquiries as well as setting BrightInsight’s partnership strategy with Roche.

Can you share a bit of background on yourself?

I was born in Manchester, which is a fiercely independent city in the northwest of England. I used to support the best football (soccer) team in the city – alas the sporting pendulum has changed that in recent years! I think our colleague Avon will know what I mean!

I grew up in the countryside south of the city and until the age of middle school went to Kings School in Macclesfield, it was when my father was moved to London in the early 1990s that we moved south too. My father was the editor of a national newspaper in the UK (he was only seconded to London when the printed national press went digital!)

I had to change schools, clearly, and went to a sporting grammar school in Tonbridge, Kent - where I have to say I had a great time – the weather is much, much better in southern England than Manchester! However, I couldn’t keep away from Manchester and went back there for university where I studied as an Architect. In hindsight, perhaps Geography would have been better, seeing as I only practiced for 1 year! … shorter study time and less student debt!

I left Manchester after many years when I went to live in NYC in 2010. I’m now settled in Switzerland, near Zug which is about as central as you can get and approximately 1 hour from Basel with traffic.

My 2 kids are both now fluent in 3 x languages and are set to learn French this year too…only my wife can better that as she speaks 5!

I get by in Switzerland on my agricultural German and gestures. 😊

What is your favorite food?

I’m a huge ‘spice’ fan…Thai food is great, Indian food I love, Korean street foods, Sushi…essentially anything that’s not Pie and Mash! (although I would happily eat that too!)

Where is your favorite place on earth?

Costa Rica – hands down. I worked there for a few months, traveled a few times as a tourist and also had my honeymoon there…it’s so diverse and yet you can literally see most ecosystems in a day … we are planning a family expedition there in the next year or two.

My favorite place in the United States is the deeper side of Southern California. I used to live and travel extensively in the U.S. and would always end up near San Diego on the coast.

Which of BrightInsight’s Values most resonates with you and why?

I would have to always state TEAM. Why? We have so many amazing colleagues at BI. I think that shows when the teams are created for projects – everyone always wants the same thing…which is a client / patient first mantra.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, well in digital health, it takes a BI team to execute with passion and agility!

What is your favorite part about working at BrightInsight?

I really enjoy working with our diverse and amazing colleagues.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I used to like partaking in motorsport, but as I’m a father it’s deemed too expensive and dangerous to do so now! That being said, I can still be found at quite a few motorsport tracks/races/meetings across Europe in the spring and summer months.

When my knees are feeling like it, I take my kids skiing at our local slopes!

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