Celebrating Pride Month

The month of June recognizes the impact that LGBTQ+ community, advocates, and allies have made on history. Celebrating Pride Month aligns with BrightInsight's commitment to cultivate a work environment that allows all of us to feel connected and have a safe and equitable workplace.

In order to celebrate the things that make us unique and allow each employee to be their most authentic selves we will show our support with a special virtual employee concert event on Wednesday, June 23rd. The convert will feature Cam Calloway, a Filipino American soul singer and song writer, who will was named the "Soul Child" by Coachella Magazine.

In addition to this one day performance we encourage all employees to learn more by sharing historical information and providing employees with some ideas on how they can each take part in celebrating the month. Including:

Many of our employees have a story to tell about why Pride Month is important to them, and we'll continue to listen. Celebrating Pride Month is just one of the many ways BrightInsight recognizes and commemorates diversity and inclusion.

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