BrightInsight’s Culture

I have been wanting to write this blog for a while now to share more about BrightInsight’s culture. What is truly unique about BrightInsight is that our entire organization participates in the building of our culture, and act as owners and ambassadors of the culture.

How we build our culture

We believe building a great culture takes commitment from all team members. It’s rare to have a company culture that was not generated from the top down, but truly built and owned by everyone.

We certainly have the full support and buy-in from the Leadership Team, but the entire organization has the flexibility to define what that is.

As a startup that’s growing rapidly, we brainstormed not only how to capture and define our culture, but also how to setup a mechanism to ensure we maintain the culture as we hire more and more people around the globe. Out of this brainstorming, we formed the BrightInsight Culture Club.

The club is open to all BrightInsight employees, and we’ve had a lot of people participate in various capacities. Some people are core members of the club and participate on an ongoing basis, while others contribute an idea or two and help execute on that one particular initiative. This model has worked great, and to date, we’ve been able to deliver on all of the ideas that employees brought to us.

3 pillars of culture that we focus on

We focus our culture build around 3 pillars: being social, supporting growth, and improving collaboration.

Being social has been really important for BrightInsight, especially during the global pandemic. While COVID-19 has changed what “social” activities look like, it’s actually caused us to connect more with one another through fun virtual events that spark camaraderie.

From a growth standpoint, we look at how we can teach and mentor one another, how we can support career growth and create a broader social impact.

And lastly, collaboration is all about how we work together – and work efficiently – to support one another and our communities.

Quarantine cooking, virtual meditations and more!

Over the past few months, BrightInsight has shared a lot of laughs, some delicious recipes, and more. Watch our video featuring some of our Culture Club members discuss what we’ve been up to!

Thank you to our Culture Club Members

I have to give a shout out to our amazing Culture Club team members who spearhead so many of our culture-building activities: Stacey Andrade, Lovedeep Bagga, Luisa Randon, Virginia Fishburn, Anusha Sridharan, Preeti Bhatia, Raj Limaye, Harold Jones, Philippa Rock, Dipti Ayachit, Donovan Ho, Anand Khatri, JB Coles, Cliff Lee.

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