Reaffirming our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion

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The start of a new year is the perfect time to revisit our values. At BrightInsight, our vision is to revolutionize patient outcomes through digital health technology. In this pursuit, we are committed to fostering a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion. We believe that diversity drives innovation and creativity, and we embrace individuals from all backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.

Our values of passion, execution, teamwork and agility guide us in creating an environment where every employee feels valued, respected and empowered to contribute their unique talents. We are dedicated to promoting equity and eliminating barriers to advancement, and we actively seek out opportunities to celebrate and support diversity in all its forms.

As our CEO and Co-Founder Kal Patel says in his welcome letter to new employees, "Foundational to our culture is our belief that every member of our team directly contributes to the Company’s, and each other’s, growth and success, and we hope you will take pride in being a member of our team. When we say, “every member of our team”, we mean every member, without regard to your race, ethnicity, gender, age, country of origin, or any of the multitude of personal characteristics that make each one of us unique and special in our own way."

In support of our diversity, equity and inclusion goals, we’re always striving to improve on our journey, while also ensuring that BrightInsight is an enriching and supportive place to work for all employees.

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