BrightInsight’s Values

2020, and the past couple weeks especially, has been a time of reflection for many of us. Personally, I’ve begun to recognize how fortunate I am to be in my position, to be able to work with such a compassionate team, and that it is an absolute privilege and blessing.

I have taken for granted how passionate, respectful and accountable our team members are, how we constantly strive to create and deliver trust, and how the team is an amazing reflection of our values. Our shared values let me come to work feeling safe and energized. As a result, we have been able to build a great company that will transform healthcare.

I realized that we hadn’t shared our values externally so wanted to do so here.

Our Why

The digital revolution that has transformed virtually every aspect of our lives – from how we bank to how we form relationships – has largely skipped over healthcare. Most of our interactions with the healthcare system are antiquated, inefficient and often not optimizing clinical outcomes.

Values Poster
At BrightInsight, our vision is to transform patient outcomes globally by bringing the power of digital technology to healthcare.

We fundamentally believe that having core company values will help our team achieve our vision. I’m proud of our company values, and how we developed them. While our Leadership Team definitely weighed in during the development of these, it was truly a company-wide exercise where everyone’s feedback was captured and considered.

BrightInsight’s Values

At our core, we value partnership. We are strategic partners to our customers, and we partner together every day to achieve our vision.

Passionate about transforming care and patient outcomes

Accountable to one another, our valued customers and our mission-critical projects

Respectful of one another, our customers and the data that we manage

Trust each other and display integrity in everything we do

Nimble and agile in our work, but without short cuts

Excellence in the products we deliver and people we hire

Real-world impact – we aim to positively impact healthcare globally by executing every day on our mission of accelerating digital health innovation for our biopharma and medtech customers

Going forward, we’re going to feature some of our rockstar team members on our Employee Blog, including which values most resonate with them.

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