Reflecting on our challenges and successes on BI Day

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BI Day is an opportunity for BrightInsight to connect as a virtually-distributed, cohesive team and celebrate our progress together. Last month’s event showcased the impact of various initiatives we’ve been hard at work on, along with the milestones we look forward to accomplishing as one team over the coming years.

Our CEO, Kal Patel set the tone for the day by playing a video recap of the in-person get-togethers we shared in 2022, from conference tables to dinner tables (and the beach), that helped make the year special for us. It’s this collective spirit and energy behind coming together virtually that are the driving forces for events like BI Day. Check out the video.

It was a day to celebrate our notable achievements from 2022, such as the successful building out of our core platform with 30 plus services (within two years) and launching the Disease Management Solution and Connected Diagnostics Platform. If I may digress, I don’t think that there is a better technology team on the planet than BrightInsight’s, led by our CTO, Ashish Agrawal. We also accelerated our time to MVP for customers, which allowed us to quickly roll out learnings to deliver a more valuable user experience. Our efforts at creating these quality experiences have proven successful as reflected by the incredible NPS and customer satisfaction results we received. When BrightInsight says that we value our customers, we mean it.

We also celebrated new customers like Sanofi and bioMérieux joining our client roster in 2022. For 2023 there is a considerable opportunity to develop our customer base as the market is awakening to the massive potential that exists when life science products are married with digital capability. We’re excited to bring in more customer products.

Kal reminded us that revolutionizing patient care through digital is our rallying cry—and we’re differentiating BI through technology and regulatory, which can be seen by our investment in research and development. And he laid out our focus for 2023 to launch customer products and generate the proof points that will lead BrightInsight and our industry forward.

Stephen Ranjan, global head of digital health at Roche, has been a partner and innovator in the pharma and medtech space for some time and we were thrilled to host him for a fireside chat. He previously spent the last four years in diabetes care. In his new role as global head of digital health, he’s focused on helping pharma businesses build their capabilities to deliver SaMD products to the market—and how those products can combine with their molecules for a unique differentiation strategy. He now sits between commercial and research, which allows him to focus on helping the organization understand the problem they’re solving to find the right technology to truly address the unmet need.

“The excitement is really around trying to look at problem spaces that when we bring capabilities like BrightInsight or the internal capabilities of Roche to bear we’re able to address health outcome impacts in a meaningful way,” Stephen said. “Getting there for me is the journey because this path hasn’t been paved,” he added, sharing that being able to partner with the BrightInsight team and pave the path forward adds to the excitement. This is something he’s aspired to do since he was at Stanford and we’re honored to be a part of this vision.

We then hosted an investor-focused fireside chat with Mike Kirkman, managing director at Blackstone. He spoke to the 2023 digital life sciences market and shared that Blackstone is a huge believer in pharma commercialization and the room they see in the market for digital innovation and disruption.

“You all are at the forefront of innovation, as far as being first to market with a platform of your type, we feel like providing those picks and shovels, as opposed to making very concentrated bets on one asset or another is really the wave of the future and an attractive investment opportunity for us,” Mike said. He told Kal that what he’d like to see from BrightInsight is “significant proof points with large enterprise customers. I think the CSL Behring partnership that you guys struck up is a really encouraging proof point. A sophisticated client that is signing up a broader relationship with you all—one that has an opportunity to be a lot larger than the current manifestation.”

It was great to see the whole company together for a deep dive with our product and technology teams for a look at what’s to come in 2023, including some exciting features from mobile, the Disease Management Solution and the Connected Diagnostic Platform.

Our day ended by opening the floor for Q&A along with some closing reflections from Kal. Overall the day brought the inspiration and sense of one community working towards a shared goal that we’ve come to expect from BI Day.

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