Uniting at BrightInsight for Social Justice

Since the horrific murder of George Floyd, our team has been listening.

As a start-up, our team works together to build our culture and we value hearing everyone’s input and feedback, whether it’s about a customer project or issues like racial injustice.

So, we’ve been listening. And what we heard was inspiring.

Our team has shared stories of inequality they have personally experienced, they have been honest about how they’re struggling with what to do when the issues of police brutality and systemic racism are bigger than each of us individually, and they provided ideas on how BrightInsight can support Black Americans and fight the prejudice that they face.

We know, unequivocally, that we must, together, stand up against racism, wherever we see it and learn to recognize when we are blind to it.

While acknowledging there is a massive race issue in America is one step forward, we believe real change is needed to guarantee justice and equality for every member of our society. At BrightInsight, we’re taking action to examine how we promote inclusion, belonging, and equality. To start, we are doing the following:

Looking forward, we’ll be continuing to listen to our employees to capture their ideas on how we can build the right company and have a broader impact on racism.

To our BrightInsight employees: I am humbled by the stories you have shared, grateful for your ideas, and hopeful that together we can make an impact.

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