BrightInsight's 2nd Fitness Challenge: Company Bonding & Raising Money for Charity

Over the past 6 weeks, BrightInsight employees have enjoyed a friendly company-wide fitness competition. The goal? To be on the team that clocked the most minutes spent exercising. Over 180 employees from around the world participated, bringing the company total to 357,458 minutes (or 5,957.63 hours)!

In the spirit of BrightInsight's three pillars of culture—being social, supporting growth, and improving collaboration—employees logged on for twice-weekly Group X Fitness virtual workout classes. The aim wasn't to win a prize, but rather to raise money for charity. A total of $7,600 was donated to the charities selected by the top 3 teams.

Top 3 Teams

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How Did This Competition Compare to the Previous One?

In October 2020, we launched our first ever company fitness competition. It was a rousing success, and employees worked hard to bring their teams to victory. This second competition took things to the next level.

How many employees participated?

1st Competition: Over 130

2nd Competition: Over 180

How many teams were there?

1st Competition: 20 teams of 6-7 employees per team

2nd Competition: 9 teams of 18 employees per team

How was success measured?

1st Competition: Steps walked

2nd Competition: Minutes spent working out

How did the winning team do?

1st Competition: The winning team walked 4,573,488 steps

2nd Competition: The winning team spent 44,800 minutes exercising

What was the motivation to win?

1st Competition: Prizes from brands such as Apple, Lululemon, and Amazon

2nd Competition: Raising money for charity

Check out our BrightInsight Fitness Challenge 2.0 Summary Video to a look into the 6 week challenge. 

We look forward to our next opportunity to come together like this! The BrightInsight Culture Club is dedicated to cultivating a fun company culture, and we have more fun events planned for the future. Stay tuned!

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