Employee Spotlight: Andrea Curtis, Product Director and Sports Fan!

Employee spotlight andrea

What’s your title/role at BrightInsight?

As the Product Director for the Connected Diagnostics Platform, I am responsible for the strategic vision and roadmap for that product, identifying and understanding user needs, and assuring our product meets the market demand.

Can you share a bit of background on yourself?

I am a native of New Orleans (technically a small suburb right outside of it). I still reside here today. I graduated with my BS in Medical Technology from LSU, Louisiana State University. I worked in a hospital laboratory and reference laboratory for quite a few years while I achieved my certification as a Specialist in Blood Banking.

The turmoil of Hurricane Katrina led me into the medical device world where I have spent the last 16 years developing and launching innovative products for medical professionals, mostly connected to the blood bank or laboratory. The slower pace of Covid finally allowed me to complete my MBA.

What is your favorite food?

I have a strong love for seafood growing up in New Orleans. Boiled shrimp, crabs and of course crawfish are my favorite!!

Where is your favorite place on earth?

I love anyplace that has white sandy beaches and crystal blue water. There is something about the breeze and the sound of the waves that is so calming and beautiful. Although, I have to say that after my trip to Grand Teton National Park this summer, those mountain ranges were a close second.

Which of BrightInsight’s Values most resonates with you and why?

Real world impact – we aim to positively impact healthcare globally by executing every day on our mission of accelerating digital health innovation for our biopharma and medtech customers]

The value that most resonates with me is real world impact. Having worked for many years as health care professional, I am very aware the challenges that healthcare workers and patients face today. I love seeing how our solutions can really enhance the workflow of health care professionals and improve patients’ care.

What is your favorite part about working at BrightInsight?

BrightInsight has such an amazing staff of talented and intelligent people. It’s really a joy for me to work with people who can solve any problem and tackle any challenge.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I spend most of my time outside of work enjoying my children’s sporting events (or driving them to such events LOL). And of course, I love to watch Saints football on Sundays!

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